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Integrated Drain and Control Module - Features


  • May be easily retro-fitted to existing Electrosonic humidifiers.

  • Integral low voltage drain unit for safety and ease of installation.

  • Timer unit offers automatic drain down on a regular basis or else after humidification has not been required for a set period.

  • Timer period* may be set at 1.5, 3, 6, 12, 23, 47 or 93 hours approximately.

  • The drain open time can be set to either 10 or 20 minutes.

  • Because the timer starts timing when the unit is switched on and is not set to chronological time, it is not necessary to set a clock.  In a multi-unit installation, it is most unlikely that more than one humidifier would be drained down at the same time when humidification is required.

  • The solenoid valve is controlled by a triac and is arranged to switch only as the incoming AC supply passes through zero volts.  This reduces electrical interference generation.

  • The relay controlling the supply to the transducers is electronically controlled so that it switches close to the zero volt crossover.  Apart from reducing interference, this also prevents arcing of the relay contacts and prolongs contact life.

  • A capacitor in the module stores sufficient energy to open the drain valve in the event of a loss of power to the unit.  A capacitor is used rather than a battery as it has an indefinite service life and is charged within minutes of being switched on.

  • All terminals are clearly marked and easily accessible.

  • As the float switch contacts only handle a few milliamps, their life should be indefinite.

  • The humidifier may be controlled directly by a room humidistat without the need for a power relay.  Alternatively it may be controlled by switching the 48v supply to the unit.

  • BMS compatibility is an integral feature of the control unit.

               Output signals from the controller board may be used to transmit the status of the following to a BMS system:-

               a)            Drain valve open

               b)            Solenoid valve open

               c)            Transducers operating.

               (A simple interface unit may be required depending on the requirements of the BMS system.)

               A signal from the BMS system may be used to control the transducers without the need for intermediate relays.

               The same signals may used with a standard display and power supply panel.

  • A 10,000 hour elapsed time indicator may be built into the unit to indicate the total running hours of the transducers.

  • The integration of the various functions into one unit simplifies the external control panel and in many cases will render one unnecessary.


* Exact timer periods:-


0 days     1 hours   27 minutes

0 days     2 hours   54 minutes

0 days     5 hours   49 minutes

0 days     11 hours  39 minutes

0 days     23 hours  18 minutes

1 days     22 hours  36 minutes

3 days     21 hours  12 minutes     


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