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TDK NB59S and TU20A in stock and ready to despatch


Whilst the NB59S module was developed for commercial humidification purposes, a number of other applications have come to light over the years including the following:-


  • Dispersing odour control fluids into a kitchen extract system so that the neighbours don't get the frying smells.

  • Creating aerosols of medications for inhalation and rapid treatment.

  • Seeding airflows with minute particles of materials in semi-conductor production.

  • Humidifying environmental test chambers.

  • Humidifying incubators.

  • Horticultural humidification.

  • Baking oven humidification.

  • Cigar humidor.

  • Paper conservation.

  • Mushroom farming.

  • Tree nurseries.

  • Bonzai cultivation.

  • Providing a cold mist in chilled fresh food cabinets to extend the shelf life of the produce.

  • Dispersing fragrances into air conditioning systems to give a "fresh" effect in the conditioned spaces.

  • A humidifying system for keeping food fresh and wholesome

  • As the transducers have been shown to kill or sterilize the legionella bacteria, there is a suggestion that they could also be used for cold pasteurising milk or similar products.

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